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You can create an external user in Campus even though your organization is not a part of Campus.By signing up here, you get access to the public learning catalogue in Campus that is available to all employees in the public sector.

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Deactivated user account?

If you are not able to access Campus as an existing external user, the reason is probably that your account has been deactivated due to inactivity.

Activate your account again

Who can sign up?

If you want to register for a public course in Campus, you need to have an active user account.

All employees working in institutions of the Danish Government already have an internal user account in Campus. These users can access the full Campus catalogue which includes both the public courses and the 130 e-learning courses. They should not create an external user at this page.

If you are not sure that your organization is a part of Campus, please contact your HR department.

Attention: External users does not have full access to the Campus Learning Catalogue

External users do not have access to the full content in the Campus Catalogue, which includes 130 e-learning courses. These are only available for internal users whose organization is a part of Campus.

Select your employment relation

Invoices will be handled differently depending on your employment relation. Please choose your employment relation in the menu below.

NB! Employees in self-governing institutions, regions and municipalities must select "Public institution".